Dual Reticulation At Freemans Ridge

Doing our part to protect the environment has never been more necessary as Australia continues to suffer from drought. That’s why land at Freemans Ridge has been planned to maximise solar access and provide recycled water to save valuable drinking water.

Each block features Sydney Water’s dual reticulation with two water supplies – one for household use and the other is recycled water to water the garden, wash cars and flush the toilet. It’s even safe enough for use on fruit and vegetable gardens; and some new homes may have a recycled water connection in the laundry for the washing machine.

According to Sydney Water, recycled water is wastewater that’s been collected and put through a multi-step treatment process to remove impurities. The water is drawn from the Hoxton Park Water Recycling Scheme which treats wastewater according to the Australian guidelines, ensuring the water is safe and suitable for its intended use.

Recycled water comes to you through purple pipes that are completely separate from the drinking water system. Every block at Freemans Ridge features a separate purple garden tap and associated water meter so that water usage can be itemised on your monthly bill.

It’s important not to use recycled water for:

  • drinking or cooking
  • bathing
  • filling swimming pools
  • playing under sprinklers
  • cleaning inside the house
  • filling evaporative coolers

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