Be Telstra Velocity Ready At Freemans Ridge

At Freemans Ridge all of your communication services can be delivered by one single fibre optic cable so the entire family can access the best telecommunications at high speed.

Your new home can be wired for ultra-fast broadband for anywhere in the house, there’s no need to be crammed around or arguing over just one connection.

In today’s modern household, should mum or dad be doing business and checking work emails, the kids can be doing their own thing on Facebook, streaming music or videos. The family might want to check out some bargains or find a new recipe. This can all happen separately and at the same time.

At Freemans Ridge your connection is via multiple fixed line services. Your digital free TV service and Foxtel do not require an antenna or dish.

It’s important you address the connection with your builder as early as possible to avoid any extra charges or design changes. Telstra will need to supply an Optical Network Terminator device and you can select the service / retailer of your choice.